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credit analysis, sasManaging a Consumer Lending Business is a good primer I recommend for the readers of this website and analysts working in the areas of consumer lending in general. This book covers the fundamental principles of lending along with the practices at various product life cycles. While conducting trainings, I observed that lot analysts do not know why managers look for some information and why they insist on certain format it should be presented. After reading this book, the reader will have a background to understand the business better and will be familiar with necessary lending related terminologies. Continue

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  Welcome to S for SAS

PLCC, creditcard, SAS guide.SAS is one language everyone understands in consumer lending analytics! That explains why an analyst should learn it for an effective communication. This free guide is an effort to equip a beginner analyst with basic SAS skills, in a week’s time.

Target audience is expected to have basic computer skills like working with a spreadsheet and  should know how to edit a program in a PC based SAS System. No statistics or programming background is expected.

Since most of the consumer lending businesses use an  Oracle  data warehouse and a  UNIX based SAS system,  additional chapters are provided for SQL Plus and UNIX based SAS execution and server management.

The learning method used throughout this guide is based on author's limited experience as an analyst and as a SAS trainer. So this guide does not substitute for comprehensive books and manuals written on this subject .  Readers  are  encouraged to refer to  the technical manuals provided by SAS Institute for accurate information.

This guide attempts to:

1. Simplify SAS for a beginner, trimming the possibilities down to a bare minimum.
Customize the content to consumer lending environment and demonstrate how SAS is used in analytics.


Chapter 1 - Consumer Lending Analytics
Chapter 2 - Introduction to SAS
Chapter 3 - SAS Language in Nutshell
Chapter 4 - First Steps with Data and SAS
Chapter 5 - A Simple Program Explained
Chapter 6 - Getting Data In
Chapter 7 - Working with Datasets
Chapter 8 - Procedures for Data Insights
Chapter 9 - SAS Powered Reporting
Chapter 10 - PROC SQL and SAS

Chapter 11 - SAS Macro processing
Chapter 12 - Unix for SAS Analysts
Chapter 13 - Sum-up With OPTIONS

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